Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chicago-North RWA By Morgan Mandel

Left to Right: June Sproat, author of Ordinary Me, Morgan Mandel, Margot Justes, author of a Hotel in Paris.

To become a published author, you can try going it alone or you can join a support group for discipline, reinforcement, comfort and fun. After stumbling along, doing some writing here or there and making amateur mistakes, I realized I needed help.

Since I joined RWA over 12 years ago, I've learned more about writing than I ever have from how-to books, magazines or conferences. Each meeting is like a class, with writing discussions and critiques, writers encouraging other writers, and ideas flowing. We share our disappointments, along with our victories. Also, our celebrations.

The top photo and the one below are from our annual Holiday Party.

Left to right: Lindsay Longford, In back: Suzette Enderlin, Margaret Watson, In back: Christy Fixemer, Myrna Mackenzie, Morgan Mandel.

If you're serious about being a writer, consider joining a writing group such as Chicago-North RWA like I did. For more information on Chicago-North RWA, check out our website at

Morgan Mandel

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