Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I, like so many other people, am starting the New Year with some New Year's Resolutions. Here are my personal goals, as well as how they jive with my writing goals.

Personal Goals:

1. Lose Weight - If I like something, I tend to go overboard.
2. Lower my cholesterol - I eat too many things that are bad for me.
3. Get more exercise - I should exercise at home when I can't walk on snow or ice.
4. Be more organized - Wow, this I try, but never seem to master.
5. Clean my house better - This goes along with the organized part, but deeper. I need to clean the parts of the house people who visit never see!

Writing Goals:
1. Gain Weight - I need to add more details to my work-in-progress, round out, add depth to the characters, add more chapters, spend more time on my WIP.

2. Lower my cholesterol - I need to eliminate passages and phrases I like but shouldn't be there.

3. Get more exercise - I need to get out to more booksignings.

4. Be more organized - I really need to find a way to control all the paperwork involved with promotion. I've got business cards, postcards in a box on one table, mailing labels I just printed on another, copies of e-mails and answers from reviewers and blogspots on another. I'm so afraid I'll forget something, everything's in the way. I really should get some clear folders together so I can see what's in them, yet they won't be scattered.

5. Clean my house better - Not only should I do #4, but I really should go through my e-mail messages and eliminate a great many of othem. Other people don't see them, but I do and they get in the way!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Morgan Mandel

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