Tuesday, October 23, 2007

YA Author, and didn’t know it

Like Larry, I'm running late but thought I would share something weird that happened over the weekend ... shaddup! I mean something weirder than normal. I was at the Joliet Author Fair with almost fifty authors, and we had a blast.

No, that's not the weird part either.

The weird part is when one of the librarians came up to me ... I'd never met her before .. and said, "your books are really popular with the teens. We can't keep them on the shelves."

That's been one of the pleasant things I've discovered about my books. When I wrote them, I imagined that my target audience was just guys. Then I found out that they were popular with women ... cuz I pick on guys, I've heard.

So I figured, 'great, my target audience just doubled.'

Then my books started hitting high schools and jr. high schools, and next thing I know, I'm learning that they like them, too.

This bodes well for my next project, a YA vampire humor novel! I'm almost a quarter way done, and am actually being assisted by the students (yes, almost two hundred of them) at a local junior high school. If you want to check out the beginning, go to my website www.normcowie.com.

Gotta go...


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