Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Short Blog by Margot Justes

Just an FYI, still nothing from Mr. Tom Jones or his agent. I am going to try the phone, see if I have any luck going that route. I will keep you posted on any suceess or lack thereof.

It is Sunday afternoon already and I still have to do the blog, minutes for RWA, answer my
e-mails and did I mention, a short story to write with a November 9th deadline.

A short note on Rob Walker's blog-book burning is a horrific concept. If you don't like the subject matter, content, whatever-don't buy the book, but please allow the individual adult reader the courtesy and the right to make up their own mind.

I am off my soap box, and am back at work, finishing all my other tasks. Before I know it it will be Monday morning and I'll be back at work, at an actual job with a salary, benefits etc...

Till next time,

Margot Justes
AHotel In Paris
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Margot Justes said...

I meant to say book banning and burning are horrific concepts. That's what happens when you are in a hurry...