Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I’m busy writing or editing a manuscript, doing Internet promotion, or God forbid, doing housework or cooking. I’m intent on getting what I want done. My dog, Rascal, is at least three, but acts like the puppy she was in the photo I'm sharing with you. She doesn’t understand the importance of my tasks.

Rascal wants my attention. She does this by grabbing something I don’t want her to have. I can hide stuff away from her, but when she wants something, she goes after it. If it’s not in sight, that does not deter her. She knows how to dig into my coat pocket and pull out my gloves.

A challenge doesn’t stop her either. She’s been known to grab a cap off my head.

Suddenly she’s got what she shouldn’t have in her mouth. It’s something I don’t want wrecked. That’s when the chase begins. I run after her. She looks back to make sure I’m following, then hides under the piano bench or table. I get closer. She looks up at me again to make sure I’m there. She scoots further away, but I manage to nab her. I reach into her mouth and remove the object in question. She’s lost. No, wait a minute – she’s won. She achieved her objective. She got her audience.

Some writers can get along fine by themselves. They read what they write and find enjoyment by doing that. Others need an audience. It’s not enough to merely like what they write, but they need others to know about it and like it.

I belong to the latter group. Here’s what I’ve learned.

The first step to gain an audience is to get published. Once that happens, some writers stop, believing they’ve achieved their goal of getting an audience.

Don’t make that mistake. If you want an audience, you need to reach out and get one. You do this by promotion. Find that hat or glove which will make your audience notice you. It could be a blog, a booksigning, a panel, or a gimmick connected with an item in your book. Better yet, don’t stop at one. Find more and use them all.

Be persistent. Be creative, like Rascal.

Morgan Mandel

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