Monday, October 22, 2007

disconnected -- by Larry D. Sweazy

I normally post on Sundays, but this weekend I disconnected—took a computer-free weekend.

Last week was a grueling week, more deadlines than I can count and every night a late night. I had to have a break, give my eyes a rest, let my brain settle down into low gear. The day job ruled this week. Very little time for writing. But I hit all of my indexing deadlines, and that’s what pays the bills...

So. What did I do? Well for starters I slept in. Then on Saturday afternoon I took my wife out to a nice lunch. She deserved it putting up with my grumbling all week. From there we went to the music to buy some sheet music for her piano lessons and met a friend who stopped to see us on her way home to Michigan. It was a lazy day with no structure, no demand. We finished off the day by eating pizza and watching the baseball game.

Sunday we stayed around the house, finishing projects before the snow flies. My wife planted a hundred daffodils along the garden path. I cleaned the dead bugs off the front of the house and around the security lights, painted the porch, scrubbed the desk, cleaned the bird feeders. Alligator brain work. Little tasks I’d been putting off because I didn’t have time. I needed to sweat a little after sitting in front of the computer for 60 hours.

All the while, my novel in progress (NIP), banged around inside my head. A good sign.

This coming week looks to be calmer. But it is October, and publishers are still in a rush to get their books through production before the end of the year. I could be busier than I think I will be, though at the moment, I only have 2 indexing projects on my board.

We’ll see. Maybe I’ll be able to balance the day job an the NIP a little better this week now that I got some rest.

Some times, I think we forget how powerful and important disconnecting can be.

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