Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time Change

This Spring Forward time change is always a tricky one. Losing that hour takes longer to adjust to than gaining the one in the fall. For a week my body will be wondering why it's getting up so early. The feeling of going to bed earlier doesn't seem to balance that out, either!

In the past, Daylight Savings Time went from mid-April to late-October. In recent years we've been switching earlier (mid-March) and ending later (November). In theory, this seems great. Longer daylight hours for a longer period of time.

Trouble is, this time of year is ugly. Seriously. The snow on the ground is dirty and yucky. The trees are bare. If the snow melts the grass is yellowish-brown. And the gardens are piles of mud with no green in sight. And it's cold. I want to see this for a longer period of time into the evening? Not really. It's actually kind of depressing. Same at the other end in the fall. By November, all of the colorful leaves have fallen from the trees, leaving the limbs bare. The gardens have all been emptied. And chilly weather is definitely here to stay.

I've heard the original idea for Daylight Savings Time came from Ben Franklin. I'm not sure when it actually was put into place as a reality. And who makes the decision about when it should start and end? Is that a government thing? A weather-bureau thing? Hmn? I may need to do some research...just for fun. Maybe I'll spend my extra hour of daylight tonight doing that...

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Morgan Mandel said...

The Spring time change is always rough for me, because the DH only wants to go to the 7:00 service at our church, so that means getting up even earlier!

I took a short nap a few hours later, but then we had somewhere to go and I had to get ready. It wasn't fun losing that hour!

Morgan Mandel

Debra St. John said...

It's Tuesday now and I'm STILL tired and adjusting. Ugh.

Deb Larson said...

Deb ~ I'm with you, girl! I too don't like dealing with the icky weather in March. It's a dreary month (usually - with last year being the exception with temps in the 80's) And that was just weird!
Hang in there - we're nearly half way through it!!
DL Larson

Margot Justes said...

I much prefer the change in the fall. I miss that hour.