Thursday, March 28, 2013

Contest Juding Time! by DL Larson

I just received 5 entries for the Daphne deMuir Writing Contest.  I'll be judging the Paranormal category, where the eccentric and supernatural happen. Digging in to the surreal scenes always amazes me at the diverse imagination of others.  The deadline to have the judging returned is April 20th. 

That's a tight window.  Preparing for my book, getting ready for Easter and spring planting crowding into my "To Do" List is bound to make my schedule for the next few weeks a challenge. 

Spring is chaotic, spring never looks like it does in the pretty magazines where the flowers magically appear and the yard looks as if a twig or leaf would never dare drop and mar the picturesque landscape.  Well, here in realilty, my yard is short on pretty and long on needing attention. 

I plan to try the balancing act.  I'll work in the yard, work at the library and come in feeling tired and achy in places I don't want to mention.  But I'll have these "out of this world" stories to rejuvenate me.  Or so that's my hope.

I'll let you know as the weeks slide by.  Until then, have a wonderful Easter, Passover, or simply enjoy the spring-like weather.

Til next time ~

DL Larson

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Morgan Mandel said...

And so far I have 3 entries to judge for the Fire and Ice Contest. Thanks for the reminder. I've been working on my edits for Blessing or Curse this morning, but most do the judging soon as well.

Morgan Mandel