Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter is around the corner! Make a literary memory.

Memories are what make good stories. Holidays were always nice times, each having their own particular memory. Easter, of course, was a religious holiday but we also looked forward to the Easter Bunny (what do you mean he's not real?) bringing us baskets with candy, eggs and toys.

As an adult, it's nice to get together with family and yes, get that basket with candy (chocolate!) and take time to color eggs. Who says you get too old for certain things?

Giving your characters special relationships, getting them involved in particular events or giving them hobbies, is what makes them real. Those events or pastimes can also give insight into a character's personality.

For instance, in my upcoming zombie book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie, the main character Becca enjoys collecting Day of the Dead figurines because she likes the colors and the often whimsical figures make her happy. Later, though, those same figures are a kind of symbol of how her life has changed when she was turned into a part-Z.

** Stay tuned for a cover reveal game coming to my other blog, GirlZombieAuthors once I get a photo I can use for that.

* Have any special holiday memories to share or that you've used in your own books or stories?


Deb Larson said...

Coloring eggs! A messy memory no matter which year I think about. Fun too!
DL Larson

CA Verstraete said...

Yes still like doing it!

Morgan Mandel said...

Very true. Offering memories is a great way to flesh out characters.

Morgan Mandel