Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Share Your Latest Review

New Review for Forever Young: Blessing or Curse, my Fountain of Youth paranormal romantic novel  -

Terry says, "I truly enjoyed this story, reading a few chapters each night just before falling asleep, and looking forward to my "story time" each night! Mandel's main characters are more than three dimensional,sharing their inner thoughts as the story develops. Her settings are very easily seen through the characters' eyes, and the story line itself is just far enough fetched to hold the reader's interest through the various twists and turns of the plot."

Link to entire review -

That's my latest review. What's yours?
Show some of your review and the link in the comment section here. Don't post the whole thing, because reviewers don't like that.

Morgan Mandel


Stephanie Queen said...

Great review, Morgan! I appreciate the opportunity to share mine. RT reviewed my novel THE THROWBACKS for their March edition. Here's a sneak peak snippet:

4.5 Stars - "Resplendent in rich detail, laugh-out-loud moments, a fast-paced plot and spellbinding characters, The Throwbacks is a stellar not-to-be-missed standout!" Diane Morasco

Thanks for letting me share!
Stephanie Queen

Dale Mayer said...

Hi there,

I just received an awesome review for my book Hide'n Go Seek.

Here's a piece of it - "a word of caution: one should never start reading Dale Mayer's books at midnight! i promise you, you will not stop until you get to the end. you might lose some sleep like i did but it is so worth it.
Hide'n Go Seek is a sure-fire entertaining thriller and comes highly recommended!"

And the link to the rest -

Thanks for letting me share!

Tori Scott said...

Review for my latest release, Finally Satisfied:

The 3rd and final book in the Satisfaction series in my opinion is by far, the best book in the series. All 3 of the books are novellas, so length-wise they might not mean much, but with this book, Tori Scott has certainly managed to deliver everything that makes a story memorable.

Mona Risk said...

5.0 out of 5 stars Unforgettable, December 27, 2011
By Seniorcitizen - This is a five star plus from Mona Risk. Pulled me in within the first chapter and kept me hooked. And oh, that night in Paris in a heavy rainstorm - I just had to re- read it several times for the sheer pleasure of it. I couldn't have imagined it any better.

Lauryn Christopher said...

Jadis Shaw was the most recent reviewer to say nice things about my suspense novel "Conflict of Interest":

"Conflict of Interest by Lauryn Christopher is a well organized, thrilling read. We meet Meg Harrison who is not your everyday assassin. She may have trust issues or bad experiences that fuel her fire like many stereotypical assassins, but there are many things that set Meg apart from the pack. Instead of doing everything she can to be nonexistent when it comes to her illegal activities, Meg takes a more direct approach and hides in plain sight. Working a normal job, she has done very well for herself on all accounts - business and hitman jobs alike. ... The details that Ms. Christopher describes in Conflict of Interest make the story believable and a pleasure to read."

Thanks again, to Jadis, for her kind review, and also many thanks to Morgan, for inviting us to post our reviews here!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's great!
A recent review of my upcoming book CassaFire just blew me away -

Kaye George said...

Very nice, Morgan! My writing got likened to Dickens by Rosa St. Claire at My short story collection also made a Best of 2011 list!

Both of these totally floored me! I wish for all my writer friends to make a Best of 2012 list.

Earl Staggs said...

Morgan, I have to squeal about this one. First, it's a review of a short story (which is rare) and it came out of the blue. I wasn't expecting it.

One more thing, Night Owl Reviews just picked up the No. 1 spot on the Preditor's and Editors poll for review sites.

Here's what it said:

Night Owl Reviews
Title: Where Billy Died
Authors: Earl Staggs
Score: 4.50 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick
Active Date: Jan 13, 2012

Jack is just trying to keep his wife, a bail bondwoman, happy and do his job by nabbing a bail jumper. Using logic, he follows Billy, the bail jumper to Texas. But a bigger plot is afoot, and there are a few people who'd like Jack out of the picture. Unwittingly, Jack pumps the wrong man for information. This man is also the town expert on Billy the Kid.
As Jack learns some of the lore surrounding Billy the Kid, it turns out life is imitating fiction, and Jack is faced with a dilemma he could have never imagined.
Where Billy Died is an impressive, fun short story full of twists. The characters come to life in this well-written shorty.

Carola Dunn said...

GONE WEST, the 20th Daisy Dalrymple mystery, set in the Derbyshire Dales in 1926

Kirkus: *

Booklist: Dunn has once again written a charming cozy featuring an intelligent, strong woman. A treat for Daisy’s fans

Publishers Weekly: Dunn’s charming 20th Daisy Dalrymple mystery

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