Monday, January 23, 2012

I Heart Zombies, kind of ...Fave Topics...

Sometimes you write something, never realizing that you might have started a new writing trend for yourself.

I've always read horror. Love it. And the recent craze with zombies, got me thinking, so I wrote a short story, THE KILLER VALENTINE BALL, never realizing I'd embarked on a topic that would hold my interest for a while.

That story, where a girl goes on a "killer" date and experiences a night she'll never forget was a fun foray into light horror with a touch of humor.

Then, last year lightning struck again when I came up with a new story about a teen girl turning zombie with some different situations and again, some humor. I mean, zombies are kind of funny. (Watch Zombieland and see if you don't laugh.) That story wouldn't let go and turned into a full novel, which I've been sending around.

The main thing I learned in all this:
* you never know where stories are going to come from.
* Write your reading interests. I like mysteries but horror was easier and more fun to write.
* Have fun writing. If you don't enjoy it, why bother?
* What's your tip?


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It's very true. Some of these stories strike out of the blue and you can't ignore them!

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