Thursday, January 12, 2012

Contests and Conferences by DL Larson

Now that most have gotten settled into the new year and have a 2012 calendar, it's time to make some writing commitments. Below are a few contests and conferences that might be worth your while. If you're like me, if it's not on the calendar it doesn't happen. Take a moment to plan the next few months.

Top on my list is ...
1. April 27-28: Chicago North RWA, SpringFling Conference, Hoffman Estates, IL
2. March 2-3: North LA Storytellers & Authors of Romance, Written in the Stars Conference, Shreveport, LA
3. March 16-18: Gulf Coast RWA, Silken Sands Conference, Pensacola Beach, FL
4. April 27-28: New England RWA, Let Your Imangination Take Flight Conference, Salem, MA
5. April 27-29: Mid-Michigan RWA, Retreat from Harsh Reality Conference, Augusta, MI

If you're looking for a get-away this winter ~ there may still be room to attend:
San Francisco Writers Conference: Feb. 16-20, contact
Or in Colorado:
Writing for the Soul, Feb. 16-19, sponsored by Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, Denver.
also in Florida:
Space Coast Writers Guild Annual Writer's Conference, January 27-28, Cocoa Beach.

February Contests:
2012 Laurie Contest, sponsored by Smoky Mt. RWA, deadline Feb. 1st. This contest is open to published and unpubbed authors. First 25 pages or 40,000 words of unpubbed work.

2012 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest, deadline Feb. 14th. Also opened to published and unpubbed authors. First chapter or 7,000 words.

Merritt Contest, sponsored by San Antonio Romance Authors, deadline Feb. 14th. Also open to pubbed/unpubbed authors. 25 pages total, including the synopsis.

Fire and Ice Contest, sponsored by ChicagoNorth RWA, deadline Feb. 1st. Open to all types of writers/authors. First chapter or 25 pages.

I hope these contests and conferences prompt you to polish your manuscript and send it out. Finding more about a contest or conference is simple as googling the title or sponsor. Most contests have a modest fee from $18-25 per manuscript entered. Attending a conference or two is costly, but networking and simply being with others who enjoy writing is an experience most writers find not only worthwhile, but inspiring!

I've only listed a small number of opportunities; perhaps a summer conference fits your schedule better. The point is to plan now, make a commitment and then work like the dickens to meet a contest deadline. Feedback regarding your work is invaluable and worth the cost of an entry fee. Winning, now winning a contest, is darn right enjoyable ~ whatever the prize may be!

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Morgan Mandel said...

It will be great to see you at Spring Fling, DL!

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

I'm really looking foward to it - I'm sure it will be great as usual!

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Margot Justes said...

See you at SF.
Anything going on in New Orleans? I like New orleans.
Margot said...

I just love the way you work. Thanks for sharing this great and interesting stuff. Fabulous post! I really enjoyed that.

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Deb Larson said...

Margot: I only found the one in March in Shreveport, Louisiana. (Written in the Stars Conference) I don't know the distance between the two cities, but it might be worth the trip!
There might be something later in the year too!
You have me wanting to go now, too!
DL Larson