Monday, January 2, 2012

New Goals for 2012 - yours?

Starting a new year can be cathartic. You clean out the old files, set up a new calendar, and outline new projects.

It's a time to try something new and look ahead.

Most of us have projects that we've started and set aside. Maybe this is the year to try them again?

Of course, sometimes the best projects come unbidden. I'd thought of working on a follow-up to my YA zombie girl story that is now circulating. I had a few, vague ideas.

Funny thing, I glanced at a site for a publisher of short romances and an idea came to mind. There is a love story in the first story, but I had no intention of concentrating on it. But stories sometimes have a way of forming themselves.

So, I've started a new story which involves the old love, and a possible new love. This won't be a normal love story in the typical sense, of course, given that the main character and her boyfriend are both part-zombies. And a first I never thought I'd try - the new interest will be a werewolf. Not sure how it'll work out yet, but it's fun to try something new.

Isn't that what writing should be about?

So, what are your new projects? What are you trying this year that is new to you?

Happy New Year and Happy Writing!


Morgan Mandel said...

Right now I'm having a hard enough time getting my blog book tour organized for Forever Young: Blessing or Curse and also figuring out how to put it up on CreateSpace. Then I have a sequel partly ready. No new projects to distract me, please. I have a hard time concentrating as it is!

Morgan Mandel

CA Verstraete said...

You def. have enough to keep you busy!

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Very nice!

Margot Justes said...

New things are great, that is how my vampire came to life. Enjoy writing the warewolf in.

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