Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's around you? by Morgan Mandel

I've mentioned local flavor before. During my visit to Scottsdale I noticed things that are the same and things different than in Illinois.

Arizona and Illinois both have pigeons, morning doves, sparrows and humming birds.
I was surprised to learn Arizona has pine trees, like Illinois, but they're ones imported from Australia.
I've heard Arizona has almost every kind of tree, but it seems the most common where I visited in Scottsdale were  palm trees, orange, grapefruit and olive trees. In Illinois, elm, willow, apple and birch seem more popular, plus a wider variety of evergreens.
Arizona has lots of mountains and hills, while Illinois is mainly flat.

Of course, the major difference is the temperature, which is lots warmer in Arizona than Illinois.

What have you noticed around you? Or, maybe you'd like to  share some differences between your home state and where you've gone on vacation.

Remember to include some of it in your manuscripts to make the locale come alive for the reader.

Morgan Mandel

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Deb Larson said...

I have a brother in Glendale and a sister in Phoenix! Both grew up in Illinois but prefer the dry hot of Arizona. I would miss the changing seasons, but the warm weather sounds good - another cool day in Illinois!
Good luck with your trip and research.
DL Larson

Amy said...

I found this blog very interesting because my husband (a wildlife biologist) and I take a walk after work every afternoon with the dogs. One of our favorite topics of conversation is how divorced people are from the environment, particularly in cities. How many people actually stop and look up at the clouds? Notice what is around them?
They are so busy with their smartphones and ipods they don't see or hear what is around them. They don't see the clouds shapped like a school of fish, or the dogwoods in bloom or the hear the upward trill of the Northern Parula warbler.
I wish more people would stop every day to just take a deep breath and look around at the world. There are a lot of amazing and beautiful things out there if we just...look.