Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding! by DL Larson

Having just recovered from our own family wedding with all the chaos, fun and otherwise, I'm feeling a little sorry for Kate and Will. Their wedding has turned into a production more than a ceremony to commit their love to one another.

Kate is down to a size two ~ was that really necessary? She was beautiful before someone mentioned she needed to lose a few pounds. Is society still demanding such unrealistic expectations on young women? The media is more focused on what size dress she wears over what she wants to accomplish with her new world position. I'd much rather hear about her goals in life rather than more drival over her unhealthy diet or what dress maker she prefers. The dress makers will make their fortunes without the media splattering their brandnames all over the TV and magazines.

Did you hear how eyebrows rose when Kate said she preferred to arrive at the ceremony via car rather than a Cinderella type carriage? I applaude her! It's her wedding, let her decide her mode of transportation.

As far as Will is concerned, I question a few choices he's made. First, was there not another ring he could have chosen besides his mother's engagement ring? That commitment didn't work so well for her. Or perhaps he could have used the jewels and made a ring especially for Kate? Am I the only romantic who thinks he took the easy way out? Beautiful the ring is, but beauty is not the only factor or purpose in this token of affection. I personally think Prince William could have done better for his beloved. The other thing is trivial, but I'll mention it anyway. I wish he'd use a little mousse in his hair.

The wedding is estimated to cost $16 million. A bit more than my daughter's! Souvenirs are said to bring in over $1 billion. I'm wondering about that. The souvenirs at my daughter's wedding were at our expense. Hmmm, and which of the many celebratory tokens will be worth the most in years to come? The barf bags with the royal couples picture on it or the wedding gnomes?

I do wish Kate and Will a wonderful, wedding and great marriage. The disco ball in the palace ballroom is bound to be a big hit at the reception! I'm sure we will be seeing the Prince and Princess in the news for years to come. I hope the information we receive will be about their efforts in helping others, or some way making a difference in the world and not just fashion stuff.

I look forward to watching the Royal couple grow and mature just as I will my own daughter and son-in-law.

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Morgan Mandel said...

Size 2 sounds ridiculously small!
She's already ultra-sensitive. Poor dear.

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

I know! I really like her and believe the people of England do too! I'm praying all goes well!
DL Larson