Friday, April 8, 2011

eDescript autopsies FIX your ebook DESCRIPT

I am contemplating starting an online business that would target ebook descriptions and charge a small fee to Fix 'em...left and right, up and down. There are soooooooo many ebook descriptions that are a turn off for one reason or another.

A bad book descript KILLS interest and any chance of purchase. In fact, the slighter the error in a book descript, particularly for a small press title or an Indie Author title, the less forgiving is the reader who assumes then that the book will have been poorly edited and thus a problem from page one till The End.

It is a HUGE  mistake to assume that eReaders will overlook even a slight, slight error:  a missing comma, a misplaced use of a semi-colon, a typo, or out of place adjective or adverb. True, yes, even for the cynical or the unconcerned and casual reader.

Picture this:  Stuart is fascinated with occult and paranormal mysteries, and so Amazon links send him to your paranormal thriller entitled Chills Galore. Stu loves the cover and title, so naturally he reads the descript wherein he finds a missuse of it's for its... He then lets it sink in and lets the one small error go, but then Stu stumbles onto another error of a misplaced modifier (the very definition of the unintended result), so he now distrusts the author's voice and credibility, the author'sability to pull off this great idea. Stuart is disappointed, but he knows there are hundreds of thousands of other paranormal mysteries in ebook format, so he iMoves On, going elsewhere, money intact, while you're left with No Sale.

So I am embarking on a company that repairs the damage.  The problem for me as I see it is the fact most Indie authors do not SEE there is a problem in their descripts, so how to do exactly that? I can advertise and spread the word about my cheap and dirty service but there may be no takers. If I build it, this company, will they come? I don't know, but I do know that there is a need and a void to fill in this emerging area of the ebook descript becoming the portal, the door to beckon others to open the book itself.

A great ebook may be on the other side of that description portal, but if readers dislike your descript, if unhappy with the color and texture of your door, they will not step inside your novel to give it a chance whatsoever. No shake and bake--not even an unfair shake.

So sign up and submit your ebook descript for my laser scalpel eyes.  And remember, it's a smart dog that scratches its own fleas, and an author who edits himself is a flawed character indeed.  This new company of mine will have a company motto: Spit & Polish Your Portal.

Sad that a would-be reader, possible big fan, gets a look at a bad descript after having found his/her way to your book title, attracted by cover art or platform (be it Salem Witchcraft or Fly Fishing), only to be turned off by a comma or a missing one. So contact me.
Rob Walker, Titanic 2012


Unknown said...

Do it and you have one customer. The description of my own work is the hardest thing I have to write.
Nash Black (Irene)

Unknown said...

The second thing is to get one of these comment forms to work.
Nash Black

Donna White Glaser said...

How much, Rob?
Donna White Glaser

Morgan Mandel said...

Sounds like a great idea, Rob.

Morgan Mandel

Rob Walker said...

It sounds like a good idea, eh? I have been doing it for people who beg....but I have not the time unless there is some green-up in it for me. I am thinking 20 dollars - 30 for TWO descripts.

Anyone want to start the ball rolling just email me at inkwalk at SBCglobal dot net with subject line ebook descript - you only pay me when you see the results! I then give you a post office box or address.


Geraldine Evans said...

Sounds like a good idea, Rob. Count me in.
Geraldine Evans

Deb Larson said...

I am really interested in getting help from a pro.
DL Larson