Friday, April 1, 2011

Hear Rob Roar or Snore - Interview w/thriller results

Yesterday I was pleased to do a blogtalk radio interview with crime writing author Jennifer Chase. Instead of doing the usual blog here for Friday, instead, here is the interview. Be patient at opening as it takes a bit to get to the talking points, but it is well worth it as Jennifer asked some probing questions indeed, kept me on my toes.....although I did the entire interview with my feet up at a time when I might well have ought to have been taking a power nap.  Still we cover a wide range of book issues, including ebooks, the creative process, my process, various and sundry jokes sprinkled in and much more. I was pleased with this.  Find the interview here, enjoy, and come back to leave a comment on my blog space here or drop me a line elswhwere, and if you wish to duplicate and spread the news as to where to find the interview, I would not be opposed.  Thanks -- find it here

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