Saturday, March 27, 2010

Travel and Food by Margot Justes

First and foremost, AcmeAuthors is celebrating an anniversary, we have been around for three years. Happy Birthday Acme Authors! I would like to thank our loyal readers for their continued support.

Now to travel and food. Susan Miura and I are getting ready for our 'Taste of Italy' presentations. I've been hunting for Italian delectables that our guests at the library can sample. To be sure, there are plenty, but along the way I've been paying attention to the international foods that are becoming increasingly available in our local grocery stores and I don't mean the small markets, but the large chains like Jewel and Dominick's.

Yesterday, I stopped at Dominick's to pick up a couple of items and I always look at the cheese section, (I love cheese) which by the way has grown considerably to include a separate and substantial international selection.

In the middle of the cheeses, I found fig and orange spread. I love orange marmalade and I love figs and fig jam. I picked up the tiny jar and noticed it was from Croatia, so of course I bought it, and as soon as I got home I tried it. Heaven. A little tangy, not too sweet and you can really taste the fig and orange; oddly enough the two flavors compliment each other. I have added a new favorite to a growing list.

By the way, a dab of really good fig jam on a piece of brie is delicious. Try it.

When I was in Venice last year, I tried black pasta, didn't even know it existed. The pasta becomes black when you add squid ink. You can make a black sauce or if you're making your own pasta, add the ink along with your egg and oil. Recipes are available on line. I'm still having a hard time finding the ink. If any readers can point me in the right direction-that would be wonderful.

Travel and food go really well in hand if you're not shy or afraid to try new things. If travel is not an option, check out the many international food items in your local markets. Discovery is a great thing.

Till next time,

Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris


Debra St. John said...

Ooh, Margot, your're making me hungry.

Taste of Italy sound yummy!

Morgan Mandel said...

Good thing I've got my lunch cooking right now!

Morgan Mandel

Margot Justes said...

I've got breakfast going at the moment-asparagus, onions and feta cheese omelet. Leftovers. Bon Appetit!
Margot Justes

Rev. Dr. Anthony Burton said...

Don't they have that squid ink at the local BuyRite?

Seriously, I understand about the delicious food in other countries. I lived in Italy for a while, and have visited there a couple of times, too. Tasted calamari the first time there when I was about 19. Didn't know what it was, just thought it was yummy. I finally saw one piece that has some little suckers on it... and figured it out. But by that time I already liked it, so...

Margot Justes said...

I wish...maybe I'll just pop in ask and wait for the blank stares.