Saturday, July 25, 2009

Planning a Trip by Margot Justes

A while back I had decided to set the third book in Venice. I have always wanted to visit, so it was an easy decision to find a location, especially since the trip will include an extensive visit to Murano. Did I mention I love glass?

So, the trip was planned accordingly-Venice & Murano, but since I was already there, a lovely cruise from Venice to the Greek Islands would be just the ticket.

I fell in love with Santorini, Greece-it is so easy to fall in love-and found a Royal Caribbean cruise that will take me to the islands, among others to Mykonos and Corfu, and of course a stop in Athens where I’ll again I’ll get a chance to see the Acropolis; what an incredible site.

Needing to find a hotel in Venice, I thought it would be easy. Not so. I had specific needs and it did not include taking a second mortgage.

My needs were simple, or so I thought. Something off the beaten path, where the locals reside but walking distance to Piazza San Marco and the tourist frenzy that seems to stick to Venice at all times. At least that is what I read.

Something romantic, intimate, after all A Hotel in Venice needed ambiance and intimacy, and unlike Minola Grey and Peter Riley, I wasn’t willing to pay an exorbitant price.

I think I found just that, the Boscolo Bellini, a converted palace (not so unusual in Venice) on the Grand Canal, in the Cannaregio district but a short walk from Piazza San Marco and all the tourist attractions.

I love to walk, and for me that is the only way to get the pulse of the city. I have no sense of direction and get lost easily, but getting lost is part of the discovery-on the other hand-‘water, water everywhere’-how lost can I get?

I plan on keeping a journal and will share my impressions with you.

Till next time,
Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris ISBN 978-1-59080-534-3
Art brought her to Paris, then a stranger’s death changes her life.
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June said...

Sounds very exciting and I'm looking forward to reading all about it!