Monday, July 6, 2009

Book Signing

Had a great time this weekend signing books with fellow ACME authors Margot Justes, Debra St. John and Morgan Mandel. It was a little wet the first day, but still fun and we met a ton of readers, and so many people that were interested in how to get started in writing and getting published.

My standard answer was: finish the book, then start searching for an agent or editor. But I really think a crucial factor is to find a writing group. Not only do they provide good feedback and the group can share their knowledge, but they provide support that is so important to writers. Sometimes the rejections can be overwhelming or you just get stuck in your plotting and fellow writers can help you through tough times. And they can also sit with you, in the rain, while you try to market your books. I'm grateful for Chicago North and all my friends. Thanks guys!




Rob Walker said...

Yous guys look great together and yous guys is tough, braving all that awful weather without worrying about your hair so much as getting your books wet....good goin one and all

Margot Justes said...

Wees(sp?)guys are tough.
Margot Justes