Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More About the Festival by Morgan Mandel

We had a crazy, fun, frustrating, bonding time at the Frontier Marketplace where I, June Sproat, Debra St. John and Margot Justes sold and signed our books. On Saturday, we battled rain and water dripping into our tent. We moved the table, bookmarks and other paraphernalia back and forth to protect our wares. Sunday, we hid from the sun, then an unexpected bout of rain forced us to again move our table and protect the books. In the midst of this great adventure, I also had just received the proof for my romantic suspense, Killer Career, which I tried to go through to spot errors. I didn't get as far as I wanted to, since there were so many interruptions. I finally managed to finish it Tuesday night and send in my revisions.

Anyway, the great thing about such doings as Festivals and flea markets is the people we meet. It's fun to have people remember us. I had more than one person come up and mention about buying one of my books last year, or still having one of my bookmarks. Also, last year we received an opportunity for a book club presentation from meeting someone at the Festival Marketplace. This time, we received information about another opportunity to get our books and author names known at a flea market in Palatine,

Such appearances are not only judged by how many books are sold, but also what contacts are made. We've been very fortunate so far in that respect. Yes, the days are long - 10-6pm, but we still plan to come back again next year for more.


Bob Sanchez said...

Outdoor book signings sound like good fun--where I live, though, the biggest outdoor book event is held in April, which is in the windy season.

You're right, Morgan. It isn't just the number of copies sold, but the general exposure. If they don't buy from you today, they may tomorrow.

Bob Sanchez

Deb Larson said...

Sounds great!
I've enjoyed festivals too. I did the Naperville Pow Wow for a few years and the Pow Wow at Starved Rock.
Keep me in mind for any festivals in your area - I'd love to join you all!
DL Larson