Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love is Murder Con

Okay - I'm late in posting but I've just come off a very arduous ride on the Con prep and execution roller coaster for Love is Murder. The word is spreading that the board has decided to forgo the 2010 Con and focus on the 2011 Con. Lots of folks have speculated as to why but the truth is that we've grown so much and the board wants a chance to step back and reassess where we're going and how big the Con should be. Many Con's cap their registration because planning and executing a Con is a tremendous undertaking. Love is Murder has often been herald as a gem of a Con and the board wants to keep it that way.

We embrace many of the writers that other Cons don't. We don't discriminate against authors who have published outside the traditional venues, something we cherish and want to preserve. We've often attracted stellar headliners, agents and editors and provide an incredible opportunity for everyone to network. So, save your pennies, write that great American Novel - or not, and start to prepare for the 2011 Love is Murder Con.

Hope to see you there.

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