Monday, February 2, 2009

Going Cuckoo

The cuckoo is known as a brood parasite. They lay their eggs in other birds' nests and leave the foster birds to all of the hassle of foraging and trying to feed the cuckoo's babies.

Even worse, the cuckoo grows more rapidly than other birds and the baby cuckoo pushes all of the parent bird's real fledglings out of the nest so they get all of the food and attention.

Mebbe cuckoos aren't all that cuckoo.

The funny thing is the baby cuckoo is often larger than the parent birds, who must be thinking they're raising baby Shaq's or something.

Imagine them trying to push the cuckoo out of the nest for that first flight.

Anyway, I don't need to be pushed.

We all have demands on our time, and to better optimize mine, I've decided as a YA author I need to go out and work on a blog more directly aimed at my target audience.

So I've started my own blog,

I appreciate the Acme Authors letting me be their Monday blogger for so long - we supported each others stuff and enjoyed the varying styles and POVs. Thanks to everyone who occasionally commented on my weirdness and stuff.

I'll blog one more time next week, so it's just farewell for now.

Meanwhile, get yourselves over to FangPlace and subscribe!


The Adventures of Guy series
Fang Face (coming in Aug)


Anonymous said...

Hi, William B. Doyle here and just stumbled upon the post about cuckoo birds. Hmmm. Didn't know that trick of dumping one's kids off on someone else at the very beginning! Should of thought of that 20yrs ago!

Thanks. "fangspot"? What's that gonna be about? Your dog?

New to this blogging stuff...kind of neat. Have a great week!

Norm Cowie said...

Good question. Fang Place is about YA, vampires, werewolves and Dick Cheney.

Morgan Mandel said...

We'll all miss you at Acme. We'll have to go on over to Fangplace for Normisms now.

Morgan Mandel

Norm Cowie said...

Yes, please, and I'll read acme still. I have it set up as one of the blogs I'm following.

see you Friday!

Deb Larson said...

We'll miss your humor! Stop back often!
Deb Larson