Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Dance

I've been doing the Happy Dance this week! It's been great.

My first dance of celebration came when I finished my additions to "Wild Wedding Weekend" and sent them off to my editor at Wild Rose.

The next came when I realized I was totally motivated to keep writing, so I pulled out my WIP that's been on hold while I'd been working on edits and additions for "Wedding", and I've been making some progress on that this week. (Okay, so that's not really a dance-worthy moment, but more of an I am really proud of myself moment.)

The really big Happy Dance moment came when I was checking e-mail around midday on Tuesday and came across an e-mail titled "Final cover for Wild Wedding Weekend". My much anticipated cover was here! My heart began to pound. I reminded myself to breathe. And I clicked open the file to bring the image onto my screen.

And I fell in love with my beautiful cover. It's so fabulous I simply can't stop looking at it. It fits the story perfectly and is all I was hoping it would be. The wonderful people at Wild Rose came through again!

Here it is! What do you think?! (For a blurb and to read an excerpt, visit my website.)

So, until next time, I hope you find lots of things to dance about!

Happy Reading,



L. Diane Wolfe said...

It's a very vibrant cover! So happy for you one was selected that you really like. Nothing worse than seeing one's pride & joy saddled with a sorry cover.

L. Diane Wolfe

Morgan Mandel said...

Hi Debra,
I love your cover. The colors, the fonts, the couple, it's great!

Glad you're motivated to finish your work in progress. I'm going to try to get some done on mine again today, but I also have checkbooks to balance which haven't been touched in about 7 months. My income tax meeting with the accountant is not far away and I must get it done.

Deb Larson said...

Great cover Deb!

How exciting to finally see what your book will look like. Exciting times for you! Congrats!!
DL Larson