Monday, February 9, 2009

Follow the Fang

Since I still have the floor, here's sneak peek to my new blog

There have been a few attempts to write from the vampire's POV - I don't like to research, so feel free to log in and give us some specifics - but of the books I've read, nobody really got it right.

I mean, if you're a vampire, there are some things that would be important to you, like ...

* clean necks - Really, who'd want to bite a dirty neck? Do people wash their necks before going to bed? You brush your teeth, right? So why not be considerate to your vampire?
* the whole heart not beating thing? Wouldn't that make you cold? You never hear about vampires being cold. And they hang out (heh, bat joke) in drafty castles when they aren't snugged in their coffins.
* blood type. Does type A taste better than O? Who knows? There's no research on this little tidbit.

Oh, well, some things to think about. I'll do more on all this later. Or you can wait for Fang Face to come out.

Fangs, and see ya,


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Morgan Mandel said...

The rules are there are no rules when your imagination takes over, right?

Morgan Mandel