Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santa's Helper to the Rescue! by DL Larson

Sant's visit was a big deal at our house this year! My six year old granddaughters were excited not only about his arrival, but decorating this season went to a new height! Now, I must tell you, I am into Christmas; I have four full sized trees, numerous small ones, plus the knick-knacks and lighting on every surface throughout our home. Alex and Kylie understand my need to be festive. In fact, they became like little elves, arranging my collection of carolers, decorating three of my big trees! That's pretty impressive for a kindergartener! They added pigs and deer to my nativity; they arranged stuff animals under one of the trees, an addition I'll have to remember for next year! Plus each day they brought another paper decoration home from school and we hung those in strategic places around the house. One only has to glance about to see the crayon colored candy canes, candles, reindeer and happy faced Santas. These tender creations made my other decorations look dull and insignificant. And snow flakes, we have snow flakes dangling just about everywhere. It's a virtual blizzard on the staircase to the playroom.

It's been awhile since I've lived with a six year old. And I was a bit ashamed to admit I'd forgotten how open hearted and caring they can be this time of year. When they came home with presents they had purchased through the PTA workshop, they ran downstairs to wrap them up, one for Mommy, one for Daddy, one for Gramps and one for Grammie. Then I was told I couldn't open mine until Christmas. I had to wait!

Now my daughter, the mother of my granddaughters, has picked up the banner of over-the-top Christmas's! She had everything set for a grand Christmas morning. Then reality set in. Only one of Santa's presents arrived from UPS, not two. A phone call did little good. It had been shipped. She had one roll-top desk, one chair and two little girls expecting something from Santa. The second desk did not arrive on Christmas Eve Day. It still has not arrived.

My daughter was upset, and rightly so. Christmas was ruined, or so she feared. Late Christmas Eve, we gathered around, wondering what to do. The desk couldn't be from Santa ... but the presents I had purchased could be. So, I got to be Santa's helper once again. And Christmas morning, my little granddaughters were delighted with what they recieved from Santa and Mommy and Daddy. And when I stepped into the family room, hoping they wouldn't notice that we didn't have as much to give them, all they wanted to do was hand out the presents they had for us!

And I wondered how they got to be so smart. It is better to give than receive. Once again I was reminded of the real reason for Christmas. Amongst the glitter and presents, is the never ending gift of love. Hope you got a big dose of it this Christmas too.

As for me, my cup runneth over.

Til next time ~

DL Larson

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