Monday, December 24, 2007

Just call me Rudy

I've decided to really get into the Christmas spirit this year. No, not snow flavored alcohol.

But something more along the line of a costume...

Nope, that that kind. You're wrong again. No one will ever confuse me with Santa, so a red suit gets me nothing but some strange looks. And sure, we're both usually in a good mood, but I don't have his chubbiness and he doesn' t have my bald spot.

To create my costume this year, I needed a few easy to get ingredients. Here they are:
  • a cup of lack of sleep, chopped finely
  • two ounces of immaturity, lightly browned and salted
  • a dash of stress
  • one pore, nicely clogged
Mix it all together, sleep on it over night, and the next morning, voila! ... a nice red pimple on the middle of my nose.


If you're coming out to my house for the holidays, just follow the red light.

Happy Holidays!!

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