Monday, December 17, 2007

This week we're honored to have author Sydney Molare' as our guest.

Sydney is one of the new crop of Southern authors--and one to watch. Her novels' messages cross genres, ethnicities, and locales. Sydney tells us that her goal is to always have “a little message for everyone.”

Her books are winning awards from bookclubs and praise from reviewers across the country. Sydney was recently named “Mississippi Hometown Hero, Most Likely to Succeed” and the "2006 Mississippi’s BEST Author."

Her novels include Somewhere In America; Small Packages; Changing Faces, Changing Places; Grandmama’s Mojo Still Working; and Devil’s Orchestra. Her website is:

Go for it and have a great time getting it! This is my (latest) mantra. Yes, I realize it could be interpreted many ways and applied to many situations. Today, I’m honing in on writers. The other I’ll save for another blog. LOL.

As a writer, I been told plenty of times to “follow the established rules, don’t insert a new writing style, sit down on the boat and hush on the boat!” That would be great if it were my personality, but fortunately for the world, it’s not. I’m one of those writers that likes to push the envelope, slide in a gut-punch, use a Dremel(R) tool to slice parts out of the box and let in some fresh air. No halter for this mare.

I encourage other writers out there, take a style chance, carve a new genre path, buck the system…at least three times. What are you waiting for? Unlike material possessions, you can take those unwritten trail blazing books with you when you kick the bucket.

And the endorphins will reward you. Not only will it reenergize you, it will work wonders for your writing. What a rush it is when you get an email stating, “This is different from what I’ve been reading.” Or maybe that’s just me.

Do I drive my agent crazy? Sometimes. But what life is worth living without some craziness? Sheesh. Do you want to live forever…boring?

Put on some Prince (my favorite, hence my title), grab a pen and let your authentic voice flow. Who knows, you may be the next, best thing…

Thanks for having me.


Thanks, Syd



Cheryl said...

Great advice! Keep up the amazing work, Syd.


sydney molare said...


Jim Melvin said...

Yes ... yes ... YES!!!

Well said, and I could not agree more. I too broke a lot of rules. But it's whom I am and what my series is about.