Monday, May 21, 2007

The Wonderful World of Reviews

Rob Walker passed word along about a great review he'd gotten from the Chicago Tribune, and it got me to thinking ...

(shaddup - okay, mebbe it's not too good to overtax both brain cells, but they are somewhat capable)

... anyway, as I was saying ...

(boy, I hate it when I interrupt myself)

You did it again!


You said you hate it when you interrupt yourself, then you went ahead and did it again.

Oh, sorry.

(Ahem. Sometimes those two brain cells aren't on the same page.)

Anyway, it got me thinking...


(silence as your intrepid blogger struggles to remember his point)

Oh, yeah...

... it got me thinking how wonderful reviewers are that they can make a seasoned writer like Rob so happy when he's already validated by the fact that he has a dozen published books.

What? Over forty? Oh, my bad.

With a book on the way, and just a modest one book under my belt (along with a few misplaced pounds), I remember well my first reviews ... especially since they were just last year. Imagine a newby's thrill when Midwest Book Reviews wrote, "... very strongly recommended..." and, "Norm Cowie is a truly skilled and engaging storyteller..."

I am?

I mean, of course I am.

But for a stranger to write it? Not only that, but a highly skilled, obviously intelligent professional?

I know how Rob is feeling right now, because I just received a new review from Pop Syndicate, four and a half stars, and they said, "...takes on stereotypes with his satirical wit and unique creative twists ... a great read for both men and women."


I just about sprained a finger cutting and pasting this on my website

Anyway, we are fragile humans and after agonizing and sweating for months and getting invested in our characters' lives, it's GREAT when the public proclaims, "this was worthy."

Worthy of my efforts...

... of Rob's efforts...

... and anyone who ever put pen to paper, or, uh, finger to keyboard.

Notice how I turned the news of Rob's great review into stuff on me? Sneaky, huh?

That's something else altogether... BSP (Blatant Self-Promotion)

Norm Cowie
The Adventures of Guy ... written by a guy (probably)
and coming soon, The Next Adventures of Guy .... more wackiness

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