Saturday, May 5, 2007

Let's talk about belly dancing by Margot Justes

Yes, belly dancing - it all started many years ago, in a club in Madrid, Lucero Tena was on stage and she was magnetic. She was an unforgetable Flamenco dancer.

I have loved classical Flamenco dancing ever since. It is fluid, it is sensual, it is passionate - of course I have to use these words - first of all it is true, and after all I do belong to Romance Writers of America. I will segway to belly dancing don't worry. Every movement is calculated for maximum effect to bring out the most sensory feelings in the perfomer and the audience.

I have found a similarity in belly dancing. The music is exotic and rousing, just listen to Tarkan, a Turkish heart-throb, and you will not not be able to sit still. Whereas I would never in this lifetime attempt Flamenco dancing, I did try belly dancing, and I love it.

The movements portray a very similar feeling, evoke a similar response from the audience. Belly dancing is fun, great exercise, and lightens the spirit. I can shimmy with the best of them, well maybe not the best, but I can assuredly hold my own and I use muscles I never knew I had.

If you want, you too can learn to shimmy, and have fun, don't worry about the pain and muscle strain, that comes the following day.

If you cannot find an instructor, just visit the Sphinx restaurant in Niles, IL. They have dancers, occasionally my instructor is among them.

Till next week,
Margot Justes
A Hotel In Paris
Echelon Press June 2008


Deb Larson said...

I took belly dancing lessons years ago! It was great fun - even had the belt and record - pre-cd/cassette era. My instructor was a hoot and could she shimmy!

Margot Justes said...

Isn't it fun... I have the belt, and the unthusiasm, but very little coordination. I do love to shimmy. My instructor is great, and very talented.