Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Did you ever wake up from a pleasant dream or a vivid nightmare, fall asleep, and not remember any of it in the morning?

Did you ever walk down the street, be struck with a brilliant plot and then forget it?

Did you ever go on vacation, hear tidbits about the area, but not remember any of it when you got home?

Did you ever see someone unique – with a different way of walking, talking or looking and then forget about that person?

Did you ever see something beautiful? Smell something delicious? Hear something different? Did these experiences escape you?

If you'd only remembered them, you could have used them in your book.

The solution is simple. Instead of trying to remember a lot of things, you need only remember two things: pen and paper. Keep them handy – by the bedside, in the pants or jacket pocket, in the purse, anywhere you can get to them right away.

Record your impressions as quickly as possible, either while they're happening or immediately afterwards. Then, when you need them, you'll have them.

Sure, it's old fashioned, but it works!

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