Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some Dreams Really Do Come True

The pancakes were delicious this morning. We made extra because my daughter took a badly needed day off from her work as a high school guidance counselor and joined us for the day. She brought with her the floor plans to the remodeling project she and her husband are about to begin. This is no simple room addition, oh no, not my daughter. This is buying five acres of the Larson farm and farm house. This is a project of major proportions. The farm house is coming down and a new home will be built on top the existing foundation.

This is a dream I unintentionally handed down to my daughter. See, I lived in that very home for twenty-six years until my husband and I chose to walk across the road and build a new home. For twenty-six years I dreamed of pushing down walls, moving bathrooms and expanding bedrooms and playrooms. I wanted the yard, it's a beautiful yard with mature trees and flower beds my family and I put in. It's the yard my children played in. But I also wanted a new home. Walking away from that dream of making the Larson farm house into something to be proud of was difficult to do. Remodeling would not be practical too many contractors told us. It wouldn't be financially sound. The house was still in good livable condition. We should rent it out and build somewhere else. And so, eventually, we did just that.

I love my home. It's still on the Larson farm, it's something to be proud of for the next generation. But my daughter, she didn't let that dream go. She had the vision, the same vision I had for so many years. And she married a risk taker.

Isn't it funny how some dreams just won't die? They hang on, lurking in the back of our minds, like characters that have yet to make it to the printed page. But still they wait, knowing some day, some how they will come into existence. And so my long-ago dream of remaking the Larson farm house has bloomed again. Only it's not my dream anymore, I gave it away. But I was very careful who I handed that dream to. I gave it to the one person I knew who could protect it til that right time came to make it a reality.

The demolition will begin this summer. I'm excited and scared. Scared that this is costing a bundle of money and scared of what they might find ~ mold, rot and other icky things that will cost even more money to get rid of. But the excitement overrides all that. This is a dream coming to life. It feels a bit surreal, in a good way.

But mostly, I'm proud of the dreamer who wants to raise her children on the Larson farm, the farm where she grew up. The backyard where she used to play. And I'm thankful that sometimes, yes, sometimes dreams really do come true.

Til next time ~

Deb (DL Larson)

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