Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I have been to the mountaintop (s)

Or thereabouts.

Several years ago I stood as groundling in the Globe theater in London and watched The Bard's Richard III. On a recent business trip to London I dropped by the "residence" of a fairly well-known detective. It's something of a pilgrimage for mystery writers. You can see the pictures by clicking the "Side Trips" link off of the home page of storytellerroad, or go here.

Bikers (of which I am one) should do the same--visit their history. I ate fish and chips at a place any biker worth his or her leathers would know--all the rockers hang out here.

Neither of these trips was an exercise in ego--they were both quite humbling--but they did offer some insight.

We do what we do because we are who we are. With that in mind, there are places writers should go, if for no other reason than to help place themselves in the great writing "scheme of things." I'm not talking conferences, but rather places that are important in one's own understanding of the history of writing. Such trips offer a chance to get connected to something larger than the next deadline, something that money can't buy--a bit greater understanding of what we do and who--in very much the collective sense--we are.


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