Monday, April 2, 2007

Time to Vent

The way I look at it, the purposes of blogs vary somewhat. We have the 'educational' blog, the 'informational' blog, the 'entertainment' blog, the 'self-promotion' blog, the 'I-have-way-too-much-time-on-my-hands' blog and the 'venting' blog, among others.

Today, I shall use this as a 'venting' blog, so here goes:

Spring with it brings many things, the emergence of worms, robins following the frost line to gobble up said worms, budding flowers, runny noses from said budding flowers, rain, rain, and more rain.

But more than that, there are ... dun, dun, dun .... taxes.

Yup, April brings both showers and taxes, both of which leave you feeling soaked. And regardless of whether you are getting your own money back from the government (which they borrowed tax free), or whether you are going to contribute more to their coffins, er, coffers, you have to send a return to them. Or, if you like, to return a return to them.

I happen to be getting money back from them, thanks in part to the losses I sustained as a writer (why isn't my wife happy about these losses, then?), and just got my return back from my accountant.

So I was going to sign it and send it to the IRS when I noticed something.

On the envelope (that they furnished)...

...up in the right corner... says that I have to affix postage to it.

What's that all about!!!???

The way I figure it, the second I drop it in a mail box, which is owned by the Federal Government, I've done my job of putting it in their hands. After that, I figure it's their problem moving it from one hand to the other.'

They already have my money, and now I have to spend more money to get back the amount they shouldn't have taken in the first place!

Not only that, but even the stamp money goes into their hands!!!

Think about it.

I figure there are, what, 300 million Americans? And I don't know the exact statistics, but let's say a third of us pay taxes. So 100 million people sending a return at thirty nine cents each will have to 'affix,' ... get this ... $39 MILLION DOLLARS worth of stamps ...

... stamps bought from the Federal Government!!

... to mail a document to the Federal Government!!!

... to either send them more money!!!!

... or get back their own money interest-free!!!!!


I have to stop now. My '!" key is getting hot.

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Rob Walker said...

What pisses me off about paying taxes is learning what foolish, stupid, inane things the tax monies are going toward such as 500 toilet seats on every military post, or to build a bridge connecting the mainland to an island to serve 80 people who get to live on the damned island. I gotta pay so they can get to Wal-Mart? Or to study say how fast a woman's underarm hair grows as compared to that of her male counterpart, and next to compare it to Italians vs. Frenchmen...taxes for underarm hair studies, or a study to determine that if a dog sweats out of its tonge what is the use of a dog's having four underarms....stuff like that you see on the Fleecing of America...the fleecing of me, you, us....and don't even get me started on the War--ahhh police action? What is it being sold as? Heroism. Our taxes are paying for the supplanting of democracy in an undemocratic world where the minds of the people are far more set on killing one another than in establishing democratic principles.

Rob Walker