Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Blow'n in the Wind

The wind is howling, debris is flying. It looks and feels more like Fall than the beginning of Spring. Illinois weather is famous for being unpredictable.

So is writing. My work in progress is still half done. I keep telling myself this could be my Breakout Novel. I must finish it.

Circumstances keep getting in the way. My already completed novel, TWO WRONGS, was published by Hard Shell Word Factory last February and I don't want to skimp on its promotion. I need to get my brand out and let the world know I and my novel exist or we'll both get nowhere.

I've got two other completed novels to get into publication. I don't want to neglect them.

Plus, I've got a husband who works all day and deserves attention when I get home, and a dog who's all by herself all the day long while we're off at work. She makes sure I notice her by grabbing things from my pockets or nudging my arm and making the mouse go flying when I'm sitting at the computer.

So my work in progress often gets blow'n in the wind.

The good thing is, it's not always windy, especially when it's kind of late and the husband and the dog are sleeping or when I'm on the train commuting. That's when I utilized the peace and quiet and continue on with my new creation. I will finish it. That I promise myself.

My advice to other writers is to look for your own peaceful spots. They're out there. You just need to look around and find them.

Morgan Mandel

TWO WRONGS by Morgan Mandel is available at,, or by order at bookstores.

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Rob Walker said...

Trick here is to establish a time and place and to get to it every chance possible. Not always possible but if you carve out a time and place and make those around you KNOW in no uncertain terms it is your time and place...well they will soon get the picture. It is called stiff-arming the one's you love. Unless it involves blood, screaming, and emergency medical personnel, you are to be LEFT alone! Else you have to train yourself, as I have over the years, to work in any noise or chaos whatsoever. It can be done; I do it.

Rob Walker