Saturday, April 28, 2007

A good cup of coffee and a warm sunny day

As I sipped my first cup of coffee this morning, the sun was shining and I thought about Paris, more specifically I thought about the Parisian cultural institution otherwise known as the cafe.

I have spent many hours in just such a place, relaxing, watching the world go by. I watched as total strangers played a game of chess, I listened as people discussed philosophy, the latest book they have read, or simply as they sat and enjoyed every delightful sip of a marvelous cup of coffee. They took time out.

Across the Atlantic, here in the Chicagoland area, we too have a relative newcomer, Starbucks. I often go for a cup of coffee, I am after all addicted to the brew, so I sit, watch and listen. I hear people furiously typing on their lap tops, or speaking on the phone conducting business, or the latest craze text messaging, but what I don't see, at least not often, is anyone taking time out and simply relaxing, enjoying the moment, totally unconnected, and joyfully doing absolutely nothing but observing, or day dream.

Need I mention the quick drive through for coffee, ala McDonalds, horrors...

I am not a luddite, (new word I just learned, someone that is anti technology) since I am after all sitting at a computer composing this piece of fluff.

My fresh cup of coffee and I are now going to go outside and enjoy this perfect day.

Till next week,



Morgan Mandel said...

I don't know how to relax any more. Maybe I'll reconnect on vacation in May or maybe not -
Playing slots isn't exactly relaxing.

Morgan Mandel

Dina said...

do you know how to text?