Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Magical World of the Website by Margot Justes

So, I finally got a contract for my manuscript, it is sold, I sighed with relief... It was but a brief moment of euphoria, the first words out of my publisher's mouth was 'you must get a website...immediately...I am all for keeping my publisher happy. Panic set in, I know people, creative people, who do marvelous work, but alas not for me.

It is not a secret I am to be published, since I blabbed to anyone and everyone who would listen. Little did I know I would get two of the most talented people I know to design my website. They simply volunteered to do something artistic for an 'author' - that's me...

They are simply known as Web Gal and Web Guy, their choice of moniker not mine, to me they masters of their craft. OK, so now I had the creators, and it was turned over to me for pictures, of me, to be specific. Web Gal took a slew of them, none may I add pleased me. 'Nope not that one, that one has a double chin, (mine of course)undoubtedly the fault of the photographer. Not that one either, too far, too close, I don't like that one...'

"Margot, you no longer have a choice" said my Web Gal "I will decide." And decide she did.

This was just the beginning, there were choices to be made, about Java Script, HTML, Opening and closing tabs, .jpg images, search engines, etc... Such words were being tossed around while my eyes glazed over. I didn't even pretend to look intelligent, fortunately for me my Web Gal and Guy understood all. I saw an alert and consuming interest in their eyes. I was in safe hands.

I owe a profound debt of gratitude to two wonderful, gifted individuals who donated their own time to help out a coworker. I have been given an elegant, artistic, easy to use website-easy to use-being the operative word for this author.

I will sing their praises forever.

Margot Justes
A Hotel In Paris
June 2008 Echelon Press (will be operational in about a week)


Morgan Mandel said...

I managed to get on it today. Maybe there's more to be added, but that's always the case.

Looks great, Margot.

Morgan Mandel

Dina said...

I like the picture. You're too critical.

Amy said...

I like the picture too, and cannot wait til June 2008 to read the book. Congrats! - Amy