Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is that in the ditch? by DL Larson

It's time to share with you one of my pet peeves.  I try to stay calm, try to reason why folks do what they do, but it is 2012 and it's time to ask the big question ... why do people litter?

Of all the bad habits, I believe littering is right up there with DISGUSTING!   It's a proven fact bottles, cans and cups do NOT get heavier once empty, but apprarently that news has not reached enough folks otherwise they would have strength enough to find a trash can.  Leaving said trash in a car while driving does NOT eat away the gas mileage, but many must believe getting rid of their paper sacks will improve their mph or why else would they toss their trash out the window? 

I drive the same five miles to work each day and every day I see more garbage along the road, especially at stop signs and corners.  We mow our ditches from our house to the highway and we are the ones who walk the ditches to pick up someone elses cast-offs.  Whoever is throwing trash likes Mountain Dew and fast food.  I feel like a detective, knowing their bloodstream is revved up and their tummies bulging on bad food and sugar induced liquid.  If only I had a fingerprint machine, I could track down the culprit and dump their property back into their yard. 

Then, mamma mode hits and I want to take them by the shoulder and shake the daylights out of them.  "Don't you know any better?  Weren't you raised to respect our world?  Are you so important you can't throw your own garbage away?" 

Oh, boy, I'm on a roll now.

"Well, let me tell you, STOP.  Just stop throwing junk out your car window.  Find a little dignity and GROW UP.  Take responsibility for your own stuff and realize the highway is NOT, I repeat, NOT your own personal garbage dump."

Anything else?

"Yes!  If I see one more tossed out pop can I'm going to ..."  Hmmm, this is where it gets difficult to remain in mama mode.  I need help.  So I'm calling for reinforcements! 

"Moms everywhere, please spread the word, littering must STOP!  Take what actions are necessary to convey a clean highway is good highway."

Whew!  I feel better already.  Moms everywhere are watching ...

I'd think twice before hurling that out your car window.

Enjoy the scenery!

Til next time ~

DL Larson



Debra St. John said...


I am totally with you. Why are people such slobs?

We tend to find trash along the sidewalk on the outside of our fence. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Along with the trash, they also want to dump their unwanted pets cos they think that some farmer will take them in as well.

Deb Larson said...

Oh, thanks for mentioning the pet thing. That is deplorable to leave an animal like that!!

It's time to take a stand against slovenly behavior! Taking care of one's own trash is a good beginning!
DL Larson

SBJones said...

My mother and I were talking about litter the other day. We pick it up all the time along the property we own. Though most is trash that gets blown or dropped out of the dumpster when it is emptied. People who don't bag their trash annoy us.

We came to the conclusion that people who toss trash out of their car windows are one of two people. Travelers who simply don't care because they are not stopping and not coming back. And the other type are people who simply were never told to pick up after themselves and just don't know or care.

Romance, She Wrote said...

It is sad that people don't think of the consequences of littering. No littering is far more than just for cleanliness, it helps the environemtnt.

We all have to share this planet and accordingly, we all should act responsibly.


Margot Justes said...

I agree with you. I really don't understand how some people were raised.