Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Always Something

I've been tied down with minutia lately. Can't see half the keys on my keyboard, so I requested a new one under my maintenance contract. Twice I received a totally different part for a totally different computer. Today, I finally got a keyboard, but it's nothing like the original, and is harder to type on. Waiting for a return call or email to find out if I can get the correct keyboard.

Dealing with our drought is becoming a real pain. The shrubs are starting to wilt, so I have to keep remembering to do the watering thing during the acceptable hours. I keep seeing clouds, but no rain. I'm glad I didn't buy flowers as I'd intended to do, because then I'd feel obligated to keep the poor things alive.

More wash to do. Because of the heat, everything gets dirty faster, especially towels.

Bills to pay, especially the dreaded real estate bill, which packs a punch. Ugh.

Trying to finish my work in progress, a romantic comedy. Thought I saw an image of a cover for it, but now am not so sure I like it.

There's Always Something.

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Margot Justes said...

It's been so hot & dry, that sitting outside is impossible. All I've done is water the poor plants and hurry back inside.