Thursday, March 29, 2012

Could There Be An American Idol Show for Writers? by DL Larson

The Fine Arts Departments are always the first to go in schools when finances are tight, but on Reality TV they are not only thriving, they dominate prime-time! So many young people chasing their dream, so much talent, each vying for the Big Lights of Fame. "American Idol," "Dancing with the Stars," "Face Off," and the list goes on and on as the nation watches raw talent become polished and professional. As a writer I'm jealous! Where's the show for writers?

Or food shows! Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, Chef Ramsey, the Cake Boss or Cupcake Wars hold us in fascination with their tricks of how easy it is to cook. We find their recipes on-line thinking we can do it, we can make the perfect meal, if only we had all the fancy gadgets or beautiful kitchen in which to prepare our food. We dream on, knowing we could become great chefs, ignoring the little devil on our shoulder telling us the meal will be devoured in ten minutes. Still, I'm jealous and dream of a show for writers.

Or the market HGTV has on making us drool, telling us how easy it is if only we would move this wall and use the newest perfect flooring, or replace our counters with granite ~ no home is complete without granite. And stainless steel appliances! It all looks so elegant and divine, and easy. And I think, "where's the maid? Surely such a fancy home comes with hired help! Or a chef? Yes, all that money surely must pay for food preparation." As a writer, I'm looking for end results, but realize even with a fancy home make-over, I would still have to do all the work to keep it beautiful. It reminds me of writing. Nothing gets done unless I do the work myself.

So, if ever there was a reality TV show for writers, what would the goal be? Would we have seasons of genres, romance, horror, sci-fi, western, etc.? Would famous authors make cameo appearances and tell us their secrets? Would we work in groups to create a comedy or soliloquy? Would we take old classics and create a new twist to them? Would we play word games? Would we read our own manuscripts to the audience and wait for the applause and cheers? Would someone end up famous?

Tell me, what would you like to see in a reality TV show for writers?

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Morgan Mandel said...

Okay, DL, now it's your job to get one started!

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

Wouldn't that be fun??? Not nearly as visual as the others though - may be the drawback!!
Thanks for stopping ~
DL Larson