Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Little Time Away

This past week on Thursday and Friday I spent some time away at a conference. And while I missed being at home with my hubby, it was so nice to have a little break from work. Plus, the conference was a good one, and I came back with some fabulous ideas to implement in the coming weeks and next year.

Next weekend we head off to Florida for Spring Break. I can't wait, as I really need some extended time away to relax and rejuvinate. Spring Break at home is okay, but it seems there's always something starting at me in the house calling my attention. Being in someone else's house for a week will be quite refreshing. Plus, there's the added incentive of visiting Mom and Dad, multiple pools, and Disney World!

Time away from a manuscript can also be a good thing. Last fall I had an editor ask for some rewrites/revisions on a project I'd submitted to her. At first I was overwhelmed. I didn't know where I was going to start. Some major things needed to be changed. Due to another deadline and other 'real world' commitments, I put the manuscript away for a while. Last week, I dusted it off and took a look at it again. I printed out the notes the editor had sent, and I'm going through page by page and getting a feel for the story again, with the editor's suggestions in the back of my mind. I'm crossing out (I'm using a hard copy.) the parts she thought didn't work and adding a few things here and there. Once I've gone through it initially, I'll sit down at the computer and do the actual deleting and additions.

It still feels a little's heartbreaking to cross off so many words, knowing I have to replace them somehow in the over-hauled version to meet word count...but coming at it after having 'rested' for a while has allowed me to bring some fresh eyes to it, so to speak.

So, there's definitely something to be said for taking a little break.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



Morgan Mandel said...

Sometimes a break is just what's needed so you can look at something more objectively.

Have a great time!

Morgan Mandel

Debra St. John said...

Thanks, Morgan!

I'll see you in April.

Margot Justes said...

I understand the getting away from a ms, and the loss of words and the amount of work needed to re-write. Enjoy your time off.
Margot Justes

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