Monday, March 5, 2012

Lazy Monday and Daydreaming....

Must be something going around... my lazy day is today. Well, not really as I'll be attending a night meeting and writing on that. So until then, I'm cleaning off my kitchen table, reorganizing the office, and daydreaming about a couple projects.

It's really not being lazy since daydreaming is actually writing, but without the computer, since you can let your mind wander and come up with fresh ideas, or different ways to write something.

So, what is your Monday schedule? Do you like to get right to work, or approach it slowly after the weekend? Share what you daydream about.


Morgan Mandel said...

I didn't see this unti Tuesday, but I'm doing the same as Monday, which was fighting a cold, alternating between resting, reading from my kindle and breaking down and doing stuff on the computer.

Morgan Mandel

LauraMedley said...

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