Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Writing Space and Time

So, I'm working on revamping the area in my home where I write. My goal is to bring the level of distraction down in this space so I can think and write more robustly.

Like most writers, I have lots and lots of books: Non-fiction including how-to's but, also, many works of fiction. I'm lining one wall with bookcases and it's looking great.

I love to read.

I'm taking a more Zen approach with my setup but not a completely meditative approach since I still need to be awake when I write.

I'm on the search for one of those chaise lounges (like the ones in the movie shown in a psychiatrist's office). Ikea has one - now I'll have to go to their store and look at it, sit on it, and rub my hand over the fabric. That might take me the better part of a weekend day. If it's too comfortable I might back off on the idea, but we'll see. I do need a place to help me get in the zone when I get stuck.

I have a small television in my area right now and I'm trying to talk myself into taking it out. But how would I get the news! I am often inspired with ideas just from watching the news. Maybe I'll just have to settle with reading it online. Of course, I can spend hours reading and researching online.

Ah, the challenges of getting it just write!


David DeLee said...

Good luck with creating your writing space, Terri. Let me warn you about your chair search, be careful. I have a seperate office and a very comfortable easy chair. Too comfortable. When I use it to work or read in, I almost alway end up falling asleep. So I end up basically not using it.
It is nice to have a dedicated space to keep all your stuff in. Good luck with the remodel.
David DeLee
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Morgan Mandel said...

I put my writing desk right in the dining room. We don't use the dining room for much anyway, except breakfast, and there's still room at that table to eat. I like being near the action, with the living room to one side. If I want to, I can turn the TV or radio on and listen as I write, or I can keep it silent. I don't mind background sound as long as it's not too loud.

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

My office always ends up in a big mess. I already have a wall dedicated for books - spilling out on several shelves, my table is stacked with stuff, as is my file cabinets and my computer desk. EEK! My goal is to shovel my way to freedom - soon!
DL Larson

Anonymous said...

My tv blew up in 2005 and I don't miss it. Cable/sat channels are full of crap anyway and for info a book still beats the soapy froth pretending to be a doco. Your ideas will come whatever you do. When the brain's onto something it'll let ya know. Have fun