Monday, July 11, 2011

Craziness! By June Sproat

So, in my previous post I was talking about how my kindle version of Ordinary Me has been doing so well, which I can’t explain, but what really is out of this world is the fact that the old version, previously published with The Wild Rose Press, is being sold on line for $2,475!!

I have no idea why anyone would pay that for the book, but my guess- the book is no longer in print so the company that has it moves up the price. Simple supply and demand. Craziness!!!

Of course if anyone really wants to pay $2,475 for a print copy I can personally help you out with that!

Have a great week!



Morgan Mandel said...

Maybe you should offer a deal and sell it for $2,400!

Morgan Mandel

SBJones said...

I am guessing they meant to sell it for $24.75

However when you search amazon for "Ordinary Me" in the front page search with no filters, that book comes up and only shows that huge price and not the eBook version till further down.

Unknown said...

I have seen outrageous prices on books you can no longer buy. I think you should have an auction, at least that way you'll get the money, lol.