Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some Setting Pics for Forever Young-Blessing or Curse by Morgan Mandel

Thought I'd share some photos I took on our trip to Arizona, where I was researching the setting for Forever Young-Blessing or Curse. These were taken on the Amtrak on the way over.


Raton station

I can't identify the exact locations, except for the Raton station, but you can get a general idea how it looks. Dry, sandy, not much grass.

Morgan Mandel
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CA Verstraete said...

Now there's a good reason to choose a good setting!
Chris Verstraete In Miniature Style II

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Morgan awesome setting pics. You get a great visual with them. Good job!

Helen said...

I've been wanting to take an Amtrak trip. You're just trying to make me jealous, aren't you, Morgan?

The pics are cool.

Helen said...

Sorry, my comment posted without my correct name.


Margot Justes said...

Love the pics.