Saturday, May 28, 2011

Air Travel by Margot Justes

Booking air fares is a nightmare, not only do prices change seemingly minute by minute but keeping track of timetables, and how many stops it will take to reach your destination adds to the frustration.

First you have to decide if you're flying economy, packed and squeezed like the proverbial sardine in a tin can, your choices of comfort are no-existent. It is assuredly less expensive to fly economy, and if you select off season travel it could be downright cheap to cross the pond. (aka the Atlantic) You may feel like a pretzel by the time you deplane, but you will be on terra firma in a new and wondrous place. That is how I look upon travel.

There are deals to be had by contacting the airlines, for instance Lufthansa notifies me anytime they have a deal.I also check the vacation specials that include hotel and airfare packages.

In early spring and fall prices drop, tourists for the most part have gone home, and you can visit at leisure without fighting the crowds, and saving money at the same time.

This spring there were offers to Ireland for less than five hundred dollars round trip, not a bad deal.

One word of advice, if you're cruising, do not fly on the same day you board the ship, if there are any delays, the ship will leave without you.

If you can afford business class travel, it's not necessary to pay the full price, unless you really feel you have to overpay. Your travel agent should be able to check with consolidators to get the best business rate.

Lufthansa (I like to fly Lufthansa-great service and good prices) offers business travel deals this summer , the high season for travel. You have to book and fly by a certain time, but the price is fantastic, half of the going rate. The business fares to some cities in Europe are going for less than two thousand dollars, economy is going for about six hundred.

It takes the patience of a saint to get everything booked, confirmed and priced to your satisfaction, but it can be done. Look at the planning as part of the excitement and anticipation of your trip, and once everything is all set, you'll feel like a savvy traveler.

Next week boutique hotels or chains?

Till next time.
Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris


Samual said...

I enjoyed reading your Blog. Jet lag upsets the body’s natural rhythms. Symptoms include irregular sleep patterns, fatigue, irritability, headaches, digestive problems, disorientation, and illness. It can affect everyone differently.

Hydration and jet lag

Margot Justes said...

You are right and the best hydration is water.
Glad you enjoyed the blog.

Morgan Mandel said...

My husband and I don't like planes. That's why our trips by car to Wisconsin work so well for us.

I'll rely on daring people like you to give me reports about the rest of the world!

Morgan Mandel

SBJones said...

I have flown all over, from Ireland, to Japan to El Salvador. My advice is to check all your bags. Nothing makes it easier than to stroll on and off the plane. I have even shipped my luggage to my hotel ahead of time. It was half the price than to check the bags. And the best part was, I did not have to carry them around the airports.

Next if you do a lot of travel, find the airports you like. My favorite is the Salt Lake International airport, McCarran in Vegas, and the one in Houston. It helps so much when you know where you are going and are familiar with the place. Airports can really really suck to navigate for the first time if you land late and you have 10 minutes to find your next gate that can be a mile and two tram rides away. If I can connect to these airports, I will.

Deb Larson said...

My husband and I love to travel too. We still pack too much, so if you have any advice other than remove half of what is packed - I'd love to hear it!
Great blog, Margot!
DL Larson