Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HOSTING OR GUESTING? Which is Better? By Morgan Mandel

You may have noticed that Acme Authors Link is hosting more guests lately. We do this to keep our blogspot fresh and offer more diversity to our readers. Our aim is to attract more peole to our site.

Judging from the stats, hosting other authors does make a difference. Many more people are showing up. Also, lots of them are sticking around days after the guests have left to read what our regular bloggers contribute.

Except for a guest spot at Pop Syndicate.Com, I haven't been guesting lately. I'm thinking of starting again soon, after my vacation next week. I've seen offers posted, but haven't had a chance to respond since I've been so busy hosting people.

I'm wondering, what do you do?
Host guests at your blogspot?
Appear as a guest at blogspots?

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. Please leave a comment.
Morgan Mandel

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