Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Changing Face of Web Design by Margot Justes

I noticed that web site design is forever changing, continuously evolving, colors change, twinkling lights are added, arrows point in many directions, anything to give the website a new look. Something fresh, different to entice visitors as often as possible.

I was told it’s necessary; people don’t want to see the same thing over again. Change is expected. From a personal observation, some of them are so busy and full of detail that I don’t know where to go first-so usually I leave. I want simplicity, easy access-not confusion or an engineering degree to figure out where I need to be.

I, for one love my website, just the way it is, and I believe it does change. The events are updated, book trailer is up, reviews are posted, announcements and new publications are listed; all those things change frequently. But the basic design is permanent. It is perfect, elegant and easy to use. There is not one single iota that I would alter about the design of my site.

I wonder if all the changes on the websites are really that important and effective. I would love to hear from writers-do you really change your site frequently? And readers-does it really matter to you? What do you look for when you visit?

I’m going to add something to the blog-I wrote it last night, but didn’t post it yet-was gone all day. In the meantime I got an e-mail from a friend who suggested I make the website a bit more personal-not change the design, but update it with information on my writing, progress of same or lack there of. I have already e-mailed my web-gal. The timing of my friend’s e-mail couldn’t have been better.

Till next Saturday,
Margot Justes
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Debra St. John said...

Hi Margot, I update my website on a regular basis like you do (reviews, links, etc.), but so far I haven't changed the design. I, too, like mine the way it is. Of course I've had it for less than a year...maybe I'll get bored someday and do a full make-over, but for now, I'm not messing with something I like (and I've gotten compliments on from time to time!)

Morgan Mandel said...

I'm thinking of changing my website to make it seasonal.

I have so much in there I still don't think it's all managed the way I'd like it to be.

Morgan Mandel