Sunday, November 11, 2007

Women's Underwear and Stuff

Hah, I'm early this time. Kinda makes up for last time when I was late.

Anyway, one reason for my promptness is that I'm sporting a brand new laptop here. Woo-hoo!

Yep, the old one was a dog ... a Gateway that I first bought for critter #1. When it kept breaking on her, I figured it was because all of the music downlogs, teenaged angst, and stuff like that.

But the derned thing was horrible. I had it into the shop four more times.

And believe me... this puts a CRAMP in your writing ... and blogging ... and, uh, surfing and stuff. The last thing a writer needs is a balky computer.

So here I am, trying NOT to find excuses to NOT to work on my new manuscript, and here a great excuse was dumped in my lap. So it was easy not to work ... sucked, man.

I was the vagabond blogger, looking for computers to post my stuff ... and then a publisher asked me to write something with a tight time line. I did it, but on an unfamiliar puter, and it just felt weird to be ... you know ... borrowing.

And using someone else's computer is like wearing someone else's underwear. Even if it's clean, it still doesn't feel right.

Worse, since I ended up borrowing my wife's laptop and then my daughter's laptop, it felt like women's underwear!!


Sure, that's fine if you're a girl, and yeah, maybe some guys get into that, but it's not for me.

Fortunately, the computer was under extended warranty ... the only thing I ever buy an extended warranty for ... so Best Buy finally admitted that the computer was a lemon.

Another thing I don't get. I like lemons. So why is something bad called something I like? They should have said that the computer is a brussels sprout or a liver or something. Not something juicy, tart and that tastes good in a Corona.

So the bottom line is I've got myself a new laptop, a Hewlett Packard, and the keys are feeling NNIIICCCCEEEEE! Me like-ee.

You know what that means?


No, it means I gotta get back to work on my manuscript.

See ya,
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