Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving by Margot Justes

Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving. We enjoy the turkey, the stuffing; all the accoutrements that accompany the gargantuan meal.

We give thanks for everything we hold dear, family, health, friends; all the tangible things we hope we never take for granted throughout the balance of the year.

The day is spent with the aforementioned family and longstanding friends. I am very fortunate in that I have friends that go back decades. I won’t say how many, that would be too telling, suffice it to say decades (plural).

But something new has come to my life; I have met people in my writing career that in such a short time have become friends. Not an easy thing for me to say, since friends are truly special.

It takes time to develop and build a relationship with people, to develop a level of trust and intimacy. But lucky for me I have found that, while it is still a work in progress, these people have offered advice, taken time out to help a neophyte get on in this writing business and are always there if help is needed. I’d like to think the reverse is true as well, only time will tell.

So to my new found friends, I thank you.


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